55 Capital offers a range of dynamically managed portfolios built using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).



55 Capital offers a range of dynamically managed portfolios built using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and delivered through Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). The strategies thoughtfully balance risk and return leveraging 55 Capital’s insights around investment styles as sources of return and indicators of risk. The full range of 55 Capital strategies can be implemented for either tax-deferred or taxable (tax managed) accounts.

    Asset Class Exposure
Strategy Description Equity Fixed Income Alternatives¹
Dynamic Macro Dynamic Macro dynamically allocates within and across equity, bond and alternative asset classes bullet bullet bullet
Global Allocation Global Allocation dynamically allocates between U.S., developed and emerging markets equity and bond classes bullet bullet  
Global Equity Global Equity dynamically allocates across U.S., developed and emerging markets equity asset classes bullet    
Alternatives Alternatives dynamically allocates within absolute return, currencies and commodities asset classes     bullet
1 Absolute Return, Currencies and Commodities* To view more information about a particular strategy, click on its link in the Strategy column.


Our Approach to Investing How We Build Portfolios



One of the key components of the 55 Capital approach to asset management is to systematically harvest tax losses. This is something that can be done in any of the 55 Capital products or 55 Capital can provide tax-loss harvesting for the ETF holdings in third party managed portfolios.

Certainly ongoing tax-loss harvesting can enhance overall returns for the taxable investor in two ways:

  • Minimizing current year tax liabilities
  • Deferring tax liabilities (leveraging compounding and potential changes in tax rates)

For many, tax-loss harvesting is either an infrequent (i.e. annual) or simplistic (1:1 ETF replacement) exercise. However, 55 Capital believes there is value to be had in an ongoing systematic approach to harvesting losses as well as a sophisticated approach to the selection of “proxy baskets”.


ETF Tax Overlay Overview  Our Approach to Tax Management Why Tax Management Matters Our Approach to Tax Management

To learn more about 55 Capital’s approach to active tax management for both 55 Capital and other ETF portfolios, please review the resources above or call us at 844 505-0555.