Reflating Expectations

From the Federal Reserve Chair down, expectations have been building with equity valuations. Forecasts and kudos have been handed out based on the S&P index run up. We see fresh monies in the hundreds of billions chasing flows into equities.

We believe the reflation trade is conducting this cacophony.

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55 Capital introduces Market Risk Indicator (MRI)

55 Capital announced today the release of the 55 Capital Market Risk Indicator (55 Capital MRI), the first global, multi-asset class measure that forecasts monthly the level of risk in the markets. The 55 Capital MRI is an important measure for investors to assess the likelihood of significant losses in a global, diversified portfolio in the near to medium term, so they can position their holdings more defensively.

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Goodbye to Stock Analysts: How Technology Will End the Profession and Practice

Investing is not immune to technological innovations. Technology has already changed so much in financial markets that they are barely recognizable from even ten years ago. Only a decade ago, large investment banks had trading floors that were the size of football fields – and stock, options and futures exchanges had bustling pits. Today, those venues and floors are nearly empty – or totally abandoned.

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