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Record ETF Inflows in 2017: Active Management Shrinking Fast 3/8/2017 pdficon
Are Bonds Risky? 3/1/2017 pdficon
Goodbye to Stock Analysts 2/21/2017 pdficon
The Plaza Accord 1/31/2017 pdficon
Understanding Volatility: The Trump Bump 1/19/2017 pdficon
Risk Forecasting is for Long-Term Investors 12/12/2016 pdficon
Light Hearts and Heavy Carry 12/7/2016 pdficon
Risk Shift or Relief Rally? 11/16/2016 pdficon
Can We Please Stop Referring to Indexing as “Passive” Investing? 11/2/2016 pdficon
The One Dominant Risk 10/20/2016 pdficon
The Beginning of the End for Traditional Active Management   9/6/2016 pdficon
Brexit Reminds Investors Political Cycles are as Important as Economic Cycles  7/19/16 pdficon


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Volatility is not Risk and VIX is of Limited Use For the purposes of an investor who seeks to adjust their exposure to markets based on expected risk, interpreting VIX as risk is too specific and incomplete at best, and conceptually flawed at worst. Click Here
Five Tenets of Dynamic Risk Management Few managers appreciate the deeper dynamics of managing against the downside and likelihood of capital losses – which is what advisors and their clients really seek. Click Here
Volatility Timing – Its Time Has Come While market timing is difficult to impossible, research shows it’s possible to predict the volatility of future market returns. Click Here

Smart Investment Insurance: Why, How and For Who?

Just like you have insurance for your car or house, downside protection is insurance for your investments. Click Here

The Secret to Steady Withdrawals? Steady Returns

Many investors seek long-term capital growth for future needs and income for present needs from their investments. Bonds have often provided income, but with current low yields, investors should look to how institutions get steady withdrawals. Click Here

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